Madonna Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos, Pics

Like Virgin singer, Madonna has been under scrutiny for involvement with plastic surgery in the recent years. Despire crossing the 50 mark in age, her face remains 20 years younger than that. However, her wrinkled hands are a clear give-away to her aging body.

The 55 year old American singer/song-writer, actress and philanthropist is one of the biggest pop icons of our time. Madonna shot to fame following the release of her debut album in 1983. Boosted by her innovative showmanship and controversial music videos, Madonna occupies a prestigious spot among the musical greats of all time. She is also well-known for her daring style choices and influence fashion 80s and 90s fashion majorly.

madonna before and after photo

Madonna before and after plastic surgery

Madonna is famous for constantly re-inventing her image. And it is only natural to suspect the involvement of plastic surgery to achieve best results. Wrinkles seem to a major concern for an ageing Madonna. In 2007, a 49 year old Madonna showed up at the Oscars with a remarkably fresh face too young for her age. This incident sparked off the initial speculations on plastic surgery procedures like min-facelifts and laser resurfacing surgeries. Botox and collagen are also possible suspects, however the star has not confirmed any of these assumptions. Fillers are suspected on her cheeks and lips, while an eyelid distinctively evident. A necklift and chin enhancement cannot be ruled out either.

Rhinoplasty rumors have been associated with Madonna since early 90s. Madonna has denied all the rumors publically. However, it is also known that she talked to a friend about the surgical procedures recently and opined that they have started to make her look like a freak.

What do you think – plastic surgery or no plastic surgery on Madonna?

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