Margaret Warner Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Margaret Warner is known for her career as a news anchor on The NewsHour, a PBS news program. She still appears to look good, even though she is up in age. She is almost 70 years old and could easily pass for someone in their early 50’s. There has been speculation on how she managed to look good way past her prime; some people suggest cosmetic surgery. The truth is cosmetic surgery does seem like a viable option for Margaret Warner.

Take a look at her before and after photos and see the difference over time. Despite her age, her face still looks tight and youthful. It is common to see crow’s feet and lines appear all around the face after the age of 40. The fact that she is close to 70 and does not have many of those lines leads people to believe that she has Botox shots regularly.

Margaret Warner plastic surgery before and after

Margaret Warner plastic surgery

When someone decides to get Botox shots it fills in those lines and wrinkles from the inside. It can be hard to even tell the age of someone who decided to get the shots. The reason because of how well it works for most people. So if Margaret Warner decided to get those shots what else could she have done?

Another plastic surgery that seems clear is a neck lift. When people age their neck will begin to sag and disconnect from the rest of the neck, this is common. If Margaret Warner did get a neck lift, it looks good. You cannot even tell that it was beginning to sag.

While plastic surgery is not for everyone, it can be something beneficial. If someone does not have the body they want, or feel they have places they can improve, they can opt for plastic surgery. It has helped many people throughout the years and without it Margaret Warner would not look the way she does today.

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  1. Marilynn Hlavacek says:

    I love Margaret Warner and her intellect and knowledge. But aside from plastic surgery or botox, she looks as though she is on steroid therapy. What’s up. I hope nothing serious. M. Hlavacek, RN

  2. She disappeared from PBS for some time and came back with a strange look. She now looks like her face is swollen. Some say it was from plastic surgery but some say she had breast cancer…and has survived so far?

  3. mark kamienowski says:

    Truthfully I have not seen Margaret for a while. She was the one who traveled around the world and had the tough interviews in very dicey countries. Where are you Margaret?

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