Maria Brink Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Maria Brink is the lead singer of the metal band In This Moment. She has had plenty of success throughout the years. Her band has played at many big events such as Rock on the Range, Mayhemfest, and their own private tour. Over the years many people have admired the band, and Maria Brink. She is a beautiful woman with a lot of strong features. Since In This Moment started up Maria has changed a good bit especially in her face. When you look at her before and after photos you can clearly see that she had some cosmetic work done to keep her face looking fresh and young. Take a look at the photos and you can see two surgeries that stick out.

Maria Brink plastic surgery before and after photos

Maria Brink plastic surgery

The first surgery everyone has talked about is her nose job. When she first got in the business her nose was pointing down and slightly wide. Since that time her nose keeps getting smaller and is now facing up, which is a telltale sign of plastic surgery. She may have gotten this nose job done because she wanted to fit a certain image, or perhaps she just was not happy with her nose so had the work done to change what she did not like.

You can also tell that Maria Brink had a chin job, as evident from her before and after photos. Her chin used to be slightly crooked, but never necessarily looked bad. Now that she has been around for a while you can see the change in her chin. It now looks small and tight, almost flush with the rest of her face. While chin job plastic surgery is a common thing in the music business and Hollywood it is always important that you find a reputable plastic surgeon. Maria went the extra mile, because while you can see that she had work done she still looks spectacular.