Marlo Thomas Plastic Surgery Before and After Nose Job Photo

Did ‘That Girl’ from the 60’s sitcom stardom, Marlo Thomas undergo plastic surgery? Well, we think there is no scope for arguments here – she is 76 and flaunts a flawless youthful face! Isn’t that enough proof? We know Marlo better as a producer and social activist. She even appeared on Broadway recently. Stepping into the limelight in the 1960’s with the sitcom ‘That girl’, Marlo had stayed put in the glamor industry. That, of course, required her to appear presentable. We understand how horrible it would be for Marlo Thomas to pose for the shutterbugs with droopy skin and a creased face.

Did Marlo Thomas Had a Nose Job ?

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Botox and facelifts aren’t even going to be entertained as a question here. It is the only way to keep that 76 year old face fresh. Besides she has also got dental veneers, browlifts and a nose job. Plastic surgery experts are also on the lookout for a clue to lip fillers – which is pretty evident from Marlo’s recent photographs with the fuller sexy lips. A little too sexy for a 70 plus woman!

Marlo Thomas Plastic Surgery Marlo Thomas before and after photo

Marlo Thomas Plastic Surgery photo

Born as a comedian’s daughter and brought up in the affluent Hollywood neighbourhood of Beverly Hills, Marlo got introduced to plastic surgery quiet early on in life. Even before she became a sitcom star, grabbed a Golden Globe award and a few Emmy nominations, she had said yes to the old-fashioned nose job. From there, her face was subjected to a slew of facelifts, Botox injections, brow lifts and fillers. As the number of plastic surgery experiments increased, she became less natural – how man 76 year olds do you know without at least crow’s feet and laugh lines? All of them from the glamour world who are thick friends with plastic surgeons, right?

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