Michael Jackson Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Michael Jackson was without a doubt one of the most exciting and entertaining singers in the world. Everyone was devastated when he passed away in 2009. When he passed away he was in the middle of a DVD and cd, plus he had many unreleased tracks that have came out since his tragic demise. Some people suggest that he may have been in bad health due to the excessive amount of plastic surgeries he had done in his lifetime. Taking one look at his before and after picture this is very evident. He looks like a completely different person when he died as opposed to his younger years. Since he clearly had cosmetic surgery done you might be wondering what the two most noticeable surgeries are.

Michael Jackson Plastic Surgery before and after photos

Michael Jackson Plastic Surgery

The one that sticks out to everyone is the nose job. His face was to the point where he did not have much of a nose left at all. The reason his nose looked like this, rather than looked like a normal nose job is because he had to many procedures done and the result was his nose ending up more like plastic than flesh. This outcome never seems to be typical, just the result of getting to many procedures done on one part of the face or body.

There is another surgery that sticks out when you look at his before and after photo, and that is his chin jobs. When he was a young boy he had a very pronounced chin, it was one of the focal features of his face. If you look at that same chin when he is older it seems small and tight to the face, which is a dead give away regarding someone getting a chin job. You can see that these surgeries harmed Michael Jackson in his adulthood, but if you keep them reasonable you can avoid similar results.

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