Michael Jordan Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

If you have ever watched TV or been a huge fan of sports you know who Michael Jordan is. He is without a doubt one of the best basketball players to get on the court. He also had a short-lived career playing baseball. As of right now he is speaking and helping the organization where he spent his entire life, the NBA.

One of the things most people never heard is about Michael Jordan plastic surgery rumors. The star has changed subtly throughout his career, you would hardly noticed unless you see the before and after photos. There are two surgeries that could possibly have been performed on the former NBA star.

Michael Jordan Plastic Surgery before and after photos

Michael Jordan Plastic Surgery

The first surgery is a small chin job. Notice in the images how younger Jordan didn’t have the pronounced chin that he has today. The likely cause of this abnormality is a chin job to make him look even more manly, which honestly doesn’t make sense when you consider his career. The facts still remain, when you look at the images you can see that there is certainly something going on with his chin in the two photos.

Another procedure that the NBA legend could have participated in is Botox shots. If you look at these two images notice he is smiling in both shots. In the After shot his cheeks seem much fuller, even though he has aged close to 30 years since that picture. The only reasonable explanation is that he had Botox shots to help keep his face looking youthful and strong, even if he is in his 50s.

It does not matter how many surgeries Michael Jordan decides to undertake. He will always be known as a legend. If he felt he needed surgery to make himself feel better than there is nothing wrong with that. He should at least be honest about it so other people don’t shy away from getting the procedures done for themselves.

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