Michelle Pfeiffer Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Michelle Pfeiffer is a 57 year old actress and singer. She has held many roles in her career and been a part of hit movies like Scarface. One of the first things many people notice about her is how amazing she looks. She is almost 60 years old but one look at her and she could easily pass for her mid-thirties. Her career is still going at full force and she is probably going to be in movies for many years. Since the fountain of youth does not exist how does she manage to stay looking the great? The answer is easier than you might imagine.

Michelle Pfeiffer plastic surgery before and after photos

Michelle Pfeiffer plastic surgery

The likely culprit behind her great looks is plastic surgery. You can look at before and after photos and just tell that she had work done in certain areas. There is nothing wrong with getting things done, and it is one of the main reasons she still looks good. You will notice that she had a nose job or two in her life. In the before photos her nose is slightly down and bigger, now it is facing up and smaller, which is usually what happens.  The surgeries do not end there for Michelle Pfeiffer.

The other extremely noticeable surgery is her chin job. You can look at the before and after photos and see that she had a little help from a surgeon to make her chin look straight and perfect. Most of the time people get cosmetic work done because they want to feel better about themselves. However, it has become a common occurrence in Hollywood. It is hard to say why she decided to get this work done, but one thing is for sure. Michelle Pfeiffer is a beautiful woman who is going to be in the business for a long time.