Morena Baccarin Plastic Surgery Before and After

Albeit plastic surgeries are mostly usual with the aging stars yet some young starlets too prefer to go under the knife these days to prevent any sign of aging- from an early age. One of the young celebs to take to plastic surgeries is Morena Baccarin. At just 34 years of age, the pretty lady seems to have opted for a number of plastic surgery treatments.

Has Morena Baccarin Had Plastic Surgery?


First of all, Baccarin has taken to a breast augmentation procedure. If you go through her previous pictures you will find her with comparatively smaller boobs but here recent pictures show a good increase in the cup size. Now, this sudden increase is not quite possible naturally and it can be only concluded that the beautiful star has opted for a breast augmentation treatment. The good bit is that the enhanced cup size actually looks great on her figure.

Then, Baccarin is also speculated to have opted for a facelift procedure. Yes, at a mere age of 34, the star actually did not need to go for a facelift surgery which is usually common with aging stars- who are often worried about their sagging skin. However, Morina’s facelift has served her really well, rendering her with a very tight & unblemished countenance which is not always possible naturally. Her elevated forehead also speaks of a facelift surgery.

Added to facelift, Morina has taken to Botox treatment as well. The botox injections have helped her to get rid off the slowly appearing wrinkles which were earlier visible on her face. She looks fresher and brighter now just like a girl in her early 20s.

Finally, Morina has gone for a rhinoplasty or nose job too. Her previous pictures show her with a wider nose base but now her nasal area appears quite toned, trimmer and sharper.

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