Nancy Pelosi Plastic Surgery Before and After

It seems like today more than just celebrity actors and singers are getting plastic surgery as of lately. Proof can be found by looking at political figure Nancy Pelosi, who is actually 74 years old. It has hard to believe when you look are her before and after pictures. She looks entirely too good for someone who is almost halfway through her 70’s!

It does not take much to figure out that there is some plastic surgery behind Nancy Pelosi’s youthful looking face. The most noticeable surgery was her full neck lift that she received. It is obvious due to the fact that older pictures show Nancy’s neck sagging and noticeably inching away from her jawline. If you look at pictures of Nancy Pelosi’s neck now you will notice that the skin is pulled tight against her jaw, rare enough for someone in their 70’s. When you consider that you could see that her neck was sagging, it goes without saying that Nancy Pelosi received a neck lift or two. If you look back at pictures taken in the late 1980’s- early 1990’s, it is obvious that she has not physically aged much due to her surgeries and shots that she has been receiving for many years.

Nancy Pelosi Plastic Surgery Before and After

Nancy Pelosi Plastic Surgery

The not-so-noticeable surgeries include an eyelid lift and combination facelift. The reason these surgeries are not quite as noticeable is because she was receiving regular Botox shots to keep her face looking tight and young. If you never had a chance to see it sagging initially, it is far less likely that you would notice it after her shots and mini face lifts. When you put all of these surgeries together, one thing is clear; even though she keeps getting older she is very good at retaining her good looks through a little extra help from her plastic surgeon.

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