Naomi Campbell Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo

British Supermodel Naomi Campbell has also come under the routine celebrity plastic surgery scan. Rumors are particularly aimed at a nose job, liposuction and filler injections. Discovered at age of 15, Naomi has come a long way through the fashion industry to acting and Philanthropy too. For a celebrity with the popularity that Ms. Campbell enjoys, it is quite normal to have been linked to such controversies.

So did she do it? Let’s take a look at her photographs from different time periods – one from her early days in front of the camera and one from a recent event. Spot the difference – does the nose look too narrow? So that is our first suspect. Naomi is rumored to have gone under the knife for a Rhinoplasty or nose re-shaping surgery. During her younger days in the modeling field, the pretty teenager had a larger nose than what she sports on her face now. We can only speculate the help of a cosmetic surgeon here, as Naomi hasn’t admitted to any of the rumors.

Naomi Campbell Plastic Surgery Naomi Campbell before and after photo

Naomi Campbell Plastic Surgery photo

It is also possible that she has had filler injections to the cheeks. This is might have been overdone and has in fact changed her looks. Her face looks longer now with prominent cheeks. Naomi also seems to have undergone Liposuction for that curvy body admired around the world. There is also a rumor about possible breast augmentation involved in giving her that flattering figure suited for the ramp. The liposuction might have been an extreme step to keep her body slim, but there are no visible signs to prove the boob job.

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We guess it is all part of work for Miss Campbell. After all she has to look fabulous on screen and on ramp.

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