Naya Rivera Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Americal singer and actress Naya Rivera sure has been popular for the right reasons, however she has suddenly come under the limelight lately courtesy the rumors that she has gone under the blade. It seems that he singer actress has been quite regular about her trips to the surgeon’s office and has undergone numerous procedures. Starting with her first surgery which is a tad too obvious, Rivera’s new breasts speak for themselves.

Has Naya Rivera had plastic surgery?

Naya Rivera plastic surgery breast implant, nose job and more

Going by her before and after pictures, she sports much larger breasts, much and shape and quite perky, which obviously are the outcome of breast augmentation surgery. Ther difference between her pictures in 2009 and that of 2011 clearly showcases bigger breasts. Right now she is a 36C, while back in 2009 she was absolutely flat chested.  Next, her nose seems a tad too sharper and slimmer as before, courtesy a successful rhinoplasty. The biggest proof that she has opted for a nose job is that her nasal tip is extremely well defined and the changes are pretty noticeable.

Rivera hasn’t been much out in the open about her surgeries, however Dr. Michael Salzhauer, a renowned Miami based plastic surgeon has confirmed that Rivera has gone under the blade multiple times. He has also added that her face too has been tweaked with dermal fillers, to perk her cheeks up. Her new pictures showcase all these obvious changes. Her lips are also looking much fuller along with her cheeks, giving her an overall changed look. While few are of the opinion that her fuller lips and cheeks are outcome of good makeup, however, plastic surgeons have confirmed it time and again that these are clear results of plastic surgery.

Regardless of all the rumors, Rivera still prefers to keep mum and not comment about her new appearance.

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