Nicki Minaj Before Plastic Surgery Photos

Plastic surgery is the most common measure today to restore the youthful beauty as one reaches the middle age. The gossip pages and Page 3 columns are packed with reports and pictures of celebs’ before & after plastic surgery reports every day. Now, although plastic surgery is mostly taken by older and middle aged stars yet the young celebs too aren’t far behind. One of the young stars to have taken to plastic surgery is Nicki Minaj. As per the rumors, the 30+ singer has gone for multiple plastic surgery operations.

The most prominent sign of plastic surgery in Minaj is evident from her huge bum. If you go through her previous pictures, you will find Nicki with comparatively smaller butt but a look at her recent pictures will show her with quite a huge one. This sudden fullness of the hip is not possible naturally and is only viable through a butt implant procedure.

Nicki Minaj Before Plastic Surgery Photos

Nicki Minaj Before Plastic Surgery

Then, a browse through Nicki Minaj’s earlier pictures will show her with a relatively smaller bust size which is not evident any more. If you chance upon her recent pictures you will be stunned to see her abnormally huge breast size. A big busty portfolio is what most celebs look for in the show business and it seems that Nicki is no exception. But the unfortunate fact is that her breast implant surgeon has actually gone overboard with the boob job which has left her with an abnormally huge breast size.

Then, it is also speculated that the young singer has gone for facelift and Botox. Though Nicki Minaj is still young yet it is not naturally possible to flaunt such flawless skin and super-firm face as she sports now. The natural conclusion is that she has taken to a facelift procedure and Botox to eliminate all possible signs of aging from her face beforehand.

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