Nigella Lawson Plastic Surgery Before And After Photos

Known for her lip smacking delicacies, cheerful nature and amazing screen presence, Nigella Lawson, sure is one of those self made women you look up to. Unfortunately it seems like; the gorgeous lady too has been tainted with rumors of plastic surgery. But the great thing about her surgeries is that she has managed to keep it subtle and looks absolutely stunning even at her age. Clearly not a case of over the top plastic surgery or plastic surgery gone wrong, this gourmet chef, knows how to carry off her good looks and sure does it well.

Does Nigella Lawson have plastic surgery?

Nigella Lawson plastic surgery before after

Now, one question which most of her fans would want to know is whether her thick tresses have grown back on their own or has been surgically implanted as a cover up. Back in 2011 her pictures features graying roots; however her new pictures showcase dark brown hair all the way. Seems like, things have been camouflaged pretty well.

Talking about her body, which looks a bit more in shape, Lawson commented that she doesn’t prefer going under the knife and love the way her body looks. Now whether or not she has opted for body sculpting surgery to get a better shape is something only she can confirm.

However the fact that her lips look extremely swollen up and her eyes a tad too puffy has triggered rumors that she has taken facial fillers to plump up her lips. She even is wearing adhesive strips under her eyes that are looking quite red and swollen giving her an overall lethargic look. Nonetheless her skin is looking great at 53, which might be the outcome of botox shots that has smoothened out her already beautiful skin.

It is rather depressing that a women as gorgeous as her has fallen for plastic surgery, who was the epitome of ageing gracefully.

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