Nikki Cox Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo

35 year old Nikki Cox seems to have lost her once fledgling career to bad plastic surgery. The American actress is best known for her television series like Nikki, Unhappily Ever After and Las Vegas. Nicole Avery ‘Nikki’ Cox began her promising career at the age of four when she appeared in several ballet productions and TV shows. Her acting career began at the age of 10 with several appearances in popular shows like Baywatch, Star Trek and Blossoms. She is married to comedian actor Jay Mohr and they had a daughter in 2011.

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In the 90s, Nikki was famous for her bright smile and popular hot-chick roles. All that changed after a brush with terribly wrong plastic surgery. The artificial look on her face is not too hard to notice. Unfortunately, the looks are not just artificial but weirdly unattractive too. There have been no official confirmation to these rumors, but her appearance is enough proof for plastic surgery involvement.

Nikki cox  before and after photo

Nikki Cox before and after plastic surgery photos

Her face, especially the lips seems to have received most of the damaging treatments. An extremely wide upper lip has skewed the balance of her facial features. Nikki’s breasts have also become unnaturally large and looks strained against the silicone implants. There is also an argument regarding her weight loss, lifestyle and diet contributing to these changes in her body. But, we have never heard about any diet for enlarging your lips (or breasts) to such overwhelming proportions.

Apparently, Nikki Cox has also denied the rumors about Botox and fillers. Nice try there Nikki, but your before and after photos tell a different story altogether.

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