Olivia Newton John Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Olivia Newton John, the 64 year old English-born Australian singer is rumored to have pumped up her face with a little help form plastic surgery. The speculations were sparked off by her unnaturally clear face that seemed a little too young for a 60 plus woman. Possible use of fillers and Botox treatments seem to have helped Olivia keep her youthful glow.

The Aussie singer has always denied any involvement with plastic surgery, but her successful battle with natural wrinkles is for all to see. She did try to play it safe by leaving the crow’s feet under her eyes, but went for a smooth forehead instead. We don’t think that it’s just the Botox fairy at play here. She might have gone for facelifts and fillers too. Her plump lips and cheeks look like they have had some boost under the knife. There is no visible sagging on her face or neck too.

Olivia Newton John Plastic Surgery Olivia Newton John Before and After photo

Olivia Newton John Plastic Surgery photo

So, for her wrinkle less forehead, Olivia seems to have completely depended on Botox treatments. Her cheek may have been injected with fillers or fat for that plum look. Same is the case with her full lips. Restylane or Juvederm might be the possible fillers used for the procedure. We guess, this is exactly the reason for her ‘plastic’ face. She could have stopped with the Botox to contain the damage.

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Looks like Miss Newton-John is hopelessly addicted to Botox. But what’s with fillers though? We wonder how she manages to move around that bloated face and hope she stick to just Botox in the future.

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