Paris Hilton Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo Showing Rhinoplasty, Lip Surgery, Breast Implants

Paris Hilton is no stranger to controversies. Plastic surgery comes off as a a very minor rumor in her case. In fact, the rumors are obviously true. You don’t even need to compare a lot of before and after pix to realize that. However,  Hilton heiress still decided to deny any involvement with plastic surgery.

Did Paris Hilton Have Plastic Surgery ?

The popular American celebrity has definitelysought help from a plastic surgeon, several times, to enhance her facial features as well as  breasts. The changes are visibly obvious, especially in the case of breast implants and a nose job. Unlike, a few lucky Hollywood celebrities and most of the Korean stars, Paris has not been able to subtly hide the plastic surgery changes to her body.

Though Paris has denied plastic surgery over and over again, speculations are running high on Rhinoplasty, lip and breast augmentation procedures. However, Paris Hilton says that she has never had any of these on her body in the past, nor does she plan to undergo plastic surgery in the future. She stated in an interview; “Plastic surgery for Paris Hilton? “I’m too scared”, “I’m very happy with the way I look, so I don’t plan on it”.

paris hilton before and after photo

Paris Hilton before and after plastic surgery

There was also a news spreading about Paris Hilton wanting to go under the knife to correct her drooping left eyelid. She might have as well gone ahead and got the procedure done; but it did more damage than before. Looks like the muscles above her left eye have loosened up to become more droopy than before. This possibly led to a correctional procedure later.

Though she had a good looking balanced nose, Paris wanted it straighter and sharper. And this wish resulted in a Rhinoplasty, which gave her that refined but plastic nose. She wasn’t happy with her thin upper lips either and so decided to get some fillers injected.

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