Park Min Young Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo

Did Park Min Young really undergo Plastic surgery? – Tough to believe if you have seen only her recent photographs. A look back into the past will reveal a different story all together. South Korean celebrities are no strangers to beauty enhancement surgeries and procedures. Park seems to have gone under the Knife and come out without even a single tell-tale trace left on her face.

So what did that brilliant plastic surgeon do to Park Min Young’s now pretty face? A brief look at her photographs from different periods will almost immediately point out the difference. Round faced narrow eyed Miss Young has transformed into a completely different person after her surgeries. She may have gone for double eyelid surgeries to open up her eyes and corrective jaw line surgery to narrow down her face.

Park Min Young Plastic Surgery Park Min Young Before and After photo

Park Min Young Plastic Surgery photo

The procedures are impossible to detect unless you have a look at Park Min Young’s past and present pictures side-by-side. Her face looks all natural and is easy to be considered as genuine beauty. However, the procedure has gone well for her and the results are evident on her pretty oval face and beautiful round eyes. Her face is thinner and well suited for the glamour industry.

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Everything went well for Park so far. But now her face is being compared to two other South Korean actors – Kim Yu Mi and Yoo Ara. These two pretty ladies have gone under the knife too and now the three stars are rumored to be lookalikes. Amazing work by the South Korean beauty doctors! However, we are sure Park Min Young wasn’t prepared for this.

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