Paula Gonzalez Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Paula Gonzalez is a model who made her career based around her charming personality, great looks, and awesome tattoos. She has them all over her body which makes her something to admire if you think that people cannot get into a modeling career if their body is inked up. She defied the odds and boomed in popularity over the past year and the hype train does not seem to be slowing down any time soon. There are people out there who wonder if her beauty is all natural, or if she might have had cosmetic surgery to make herself look better. The answer to this question is hidden in the before and after photos.

Paula Gonzalez plastic surgery before and after photos

Paula Gonzalez plastic surgery

It is obvious at first glance of the before and after pictures that she had a boob job. It looks like she went up at least two cups. Judging by the way that they look in the after picture it is safe to say that the surgeon who did her procedure knew what he or she was talking about before they put her under the knife. Everything looks symmetrical and not out of place, which works well for her in her modeling career.

Her nose also looks different in the after photo, perhaps she had a nose job because she was not happy with the way her nose looked at the time. You can tell that the shape of it is facing up instead of straight ahead like in the before photo. Getting a nose job has become a common occurrence for people in Hollywood and models around the world. If she did get this procedure done it does not take away from her natural beauty, it simply enhances it. There are people out there who have gotten far more surgeries than she did. So while the answer to whether she got surgery or not seems to be “yes”, it does not change her success.