List of People Who Had Plastic Surgery to Look Like Someone Else

Bizarre as it may sound – there are many perfectionists in this world who would do anything to achieve their desire perfection. For some it may be just a part of their body that needs to be altered, but for others an all-over makeover is necessary. And there are some really loyal plastic surgery fans, who would take the extreme step to look like someone else altogether. Celebrities are the preferred icons, but here are a few unique people from around the world who took the help of plastic surgery to transform themselves into cartoon characters, dolls and even the devil. Take a look at the top 10 among them who had plastic surgeries to look like someone else:

Nileen Namita – Queen Nefertiti

The 50 something old artist and mother of three from England, reportedly has had 51 plastic surgery procedures to look like Egyptian Queen Nefertiti. Nileen believes that she is Nefertiti – the sun worshipping wife of Egyptian pharaoh Akhenaten. She has spent over £200,000 in 20 years to transform herself into her dream. The surgeries include as much as 8 nose jobs and 3 facelifts, along with some tweaking on the lips.

Gavin Paslow – The Devil

43 year old security guard has spent over £3,552 to transform himself as none other than, the DEVIL!. Plastic surgery has given him fangs, a forked tongue and horns. He even changed his name to Diablo Delenfer and resorted to body modifications to look like Lucifer. He has 29 tattos covering his upper body and wears green lizard –style contact lenses. Gavin insists that he is not Satanic and is merely addicted to plastic surgery.

Sarah Burge – Barbie doll

Sarah burge plastic surgery to look like Barbie

Sarah broke the record for most plastic surgeries in an attempt to transform herself into a real-life Barbie doll. 50+ year old Housewife and beautician from Cambridgeshire spent about £539,500 on plastic surgery – and thus broke the record of Cindy Jackson, who also wanted to look like the famous toy. Sarah had her whole face lasered for a youthful skin; reduced her breast size and had her nipples moved and had her jawline, tummy and butt pulled firm. She has undergone more than 100 plastic surgery procedures.

Jo and Kerry Burton – Ultimate identical Twins

Jo and Kerry Burton plastic surgery to be the perfect identical twins

Most twins do a lot of things together – from getting sick to wearing similar clothes. But Jo and Kerry Burton have decided to take it a step further. The twins wanted to be the mirror image of each other and so they went under the knife to achieve perfect resemblance. When Jo went in for a nose job, Kerry wanted one too. And since that first brush with plastic surgery, the sisters have spent about £60,000 to look-alike. The surgeons had to write their initials on their bellies to identify who is who.

Janet and Jane Cunliffe – Mom-daughter lookalikes

Janet and Jane Cunliffe plastic surgery for mother daughter look alike

Okay, so we have heard about identical twins wanting to look alike, but here’s one crazy mother who went under the knife to look exactly like her daughter. Janet Cunliffe spent more than $13,000 to close the 22 year age gap between herself and her daughter, Jane Cunliffe. They both have long blond hair, hourglass figures and toned legs. The only imperfection is a couple of inches in height – Jane is 2 inches taller than her mom, and different eye colours – jane’s are brownwhile Janet’s are blue.

Annette Edwards – Jessica Rabbit

Annette Edwards plastic surgery to look like Jessica Rabbit

The 60 year old great-grandma spent about £10,000 to look alike the cartoon character Jessica Rabbit from the movie “Who Framed Roger Rabbit.” Annette says that she always loved rabbits and wanted to look like her fictional cartoon idol. She had her surgeries done by London’s famous cosmetic surgery clinics. Surgeons carried out the whole procedure in about a week, which included a boob job, brow lift and Botox.

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