Porsha Williams Nose Job Before and After Photos

You undoubtedly know Porsha Williams as one of the stars of the TV show The Real Housewives of Atlanta. She is making a return to season 8 of the hit reality show, and she looks fantastic. Porsha is 34 years old and still sometimes known as her married name Porsha Stewart, due to her three year marriage to NFL quarterback Kordell Stewart. When you see her now as opposed to just a couple of years ago you can’t help to notice a couple of plastic surgery procedures she had done to keep looking beautiful. Porsha Williams nose job speculations are more than just possible – they are actually probable.

Porsha Williams nose job

Porsha Williams nose job

Porsha Williams Nose Job – The Reality

A simple comparison of the before and after photos shows that her nose looks nothing like it did not so long ago. Her nose is now narrow, even, and completely straight, despite the way it looked less than 5 years ago. The simple conclusion here is that she knew that being on TV so much would cause people to look at her in a different light, so in order to fix their perspective she decided to get some cosmetic surgery done to enhance her already good looks.

Rhinoplasty procedures are fairly common in today’s day and age, so it should not come as much of a shock that Porsha Williams nose job was an actual occurrence. The money that she made from modeling and doing reality TV no doubt helped influence her decision to get plastic surgery done. When the show premiers we might get to see a whole new side of Porsha that many people had no clue existed, short of her close friends and family. It is no wonder that she decided a high quality Rhinoplasty was for her, she was already beautiful, so why wouldn’t she try to compliment her features even more than before?

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