Princess Love Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Princess Love is a reality show star on VH1. Everyone knows who she is, and everyone knows how good she looks. She didn’t just get that way naturally, she had some plastic surgery along the way to enhance her looks and craft her into the person that she is today When you think about her what surgeries come to mind? We have the top two surgeries that people notice after looking at before and after photos of Princess Love.  While she never quite admitted that she had the work done, it is obvious when you examine the photos.

Princess Love plastic surgery before and after photos

Princess Love plastic surgery

The first surgery that everyone notices is her facelift. She used to have plenty of fine lines around her eyes and mouth, those are now mostly gone. When someone gets a facelift they are recreating their face whether it is adding or taking away. It can be very beneficial for someone who does not like the way they look and wish to change it. It would not be a surprise is the reality star had these done because she wanted to increase her sex appeal, and therefor increase popularity on the reality show that she stars in.

Besides the work on her facial skin, it also looks like she had a good bit of work done on her nose in the form of a nose job. A nose job is used by people that feel their nose is too big, or does not quite fit their face the way they want it to. It is hard to tell why Princess Love would get a nose job. One thing is for sure; she still looks great and will for years to come. As time goes on plastic surgery is becoming more and more popular, so stay up to date on all of the latest plastic surgery news.

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  1. The first picture is Teara Marie, not Princess Love. The second picture is Princess Love.

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