Rachel Zoe Plastic Surgery Before and After

Rachel Zoe is sporting a fresh new face nowadays – one that is too smooth to be hers at the age of 42. A wrinkle free tight face is hard to be considered all natural, especially, when the celebrity in question has been photographed earlier with sagging wrinkly aged skin. Its like a magic transformation, especially how the sagging from her chin and cheek area has been cleverly lifted off.

Has Rachel Zoe had plastic surgery ?

rachel zoe before and after photo

Rachel Zoe before and after plastic surgery

Rachel Zoe is a well known and much respected American celebrity fashion stylist. She has been a public figure and TV personality through her show The Rachel Zoe Project. Though she has been involved in the fashion industry for more than 2 decades, she has been receiving her due credits in terms of popularity only since she appeared on reality television. With that kind of public admiration, it is only natural that Rachel sought help from artificial beauty enhancement procedures to reign in her age and look presentable as a celebrity. After all she is tough stylist who is a stickler with perfection.

It has been reported by media that Rachel Zoe has spent around $30,000 to get a new look. According to experts, apart from the usual Botox and facelifts, she may have had laser resurfacing and some surgery to remove her wrinkles. Most of it seems to have worked well for Rachel, except that her face is a bit too shiny from the Botox. The tightened facial skin can only be explained by a facelift surgery.

Hope she doesn’t go overboard with it and join the Catwoman soon.

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