Ramona Singer Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Ramona Singer is one of the stars of the hit TV reality show Real Housewives of New York City. Throughout her time on the show she has shown that she is not afraid of anyone and willing to challenge anyone who she thinks is wrong. Her wild personality is not the only thing that won her over with the audience. Many people were amazed at how good she looks for her age. If you had to guess you might say she is in her late thirties. The fact of the matter is she is actually 58 years old. If you are wondering how she manages to look so young you are not alone. The answer seems to be the obvious case of plastic surgery procedures.

Ramona Singer plastic surgery before and after photos

Ramona Singer plastic surgery

When you look at her before and after photos you can tell that she had some work done over the years to make her who she is today. It is obvious that when she started her career she had quite a few age marks and wrinkles, all of which seem to be gone or lightened up at best. The surgery that is probably responsible for this is a face lift. When someone gets a facelift the surgeon will go in and fix trouble areas and usually add some sort of filler to give the face more volume and to ease up wrinkles.

Besides a face lift it would also seem that she had some work on her nose. There is a big difference between her nose now and the way it looked when she first appeared on the show. The odds are when she had the work done on her face Ramona Singer also decided that she should go ahead and get a nose job too. If you end up getting surgeries and don’t do all of your problem areas at once your face can end up looking pretty awkward. In this case it would appear that her surgeon did a great job.