Rene Russo Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Plastic surgery in no uncommon in Hollywood for the matured stars, no matter how much they deny it publicly. It’s the constant abnormal pressure to stay youthful  forever which pushes the leading ladies to go under the knife. Rene Russo is one such actress who seems to have embraced the plastic help, not once but multiple times in her life. The article here highlights on the different cosmetic procedures taken up by the star.

Has Rene Russo Had Plastic Surgery?

Rene Russo Plastic Surgery Before And After Photos

To start with, the beautiful actress is speculated to chin implants. Her chin looks unnaturally young and tight for a 60 year old which is only possible through cosmetic help- such as collagen or restylane injection. Then, Russo is also speculated to have taken to a lip job. It’s not naturally possible for a 60+ woman to flaunt such juicy as luscious lips as you will find in Rene’s recent photos. It can be safely concluded that the star has opted for a lip augmentation work.

Besides, according to leading cosmetic surgeons, Rene has also opted for a chin implant procedure. When a woman ages, she gradually tends to develop saggy skin but if you look at the recent pictures of Russo you will be startled to see with such perfectly toned face. No wonder, the cosmetic surgeons were right about the speculation of a cheek implant that has firmed up her high cheeks like her youthful days.

Moreover, Rene Russo is also rumored to have taken to Botox injections. The Botox injections are the most common when it comes to plastic surgeries in celebrities. Rene’s face and her forehead looks completely devoid of wrinkles and any other aging hint which is common when a woman crosses the 60 bar. It seems that she has got the Botox injection inserted in her glabela region that has erased all creases & frowns from her forehead and face overall.

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