Rick Springfield Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Plastic surgeries have long been regular with women celebs but not many know that male stars too have been under the knife a number of times. One of them is Rick Springfield who admitted of taking to plastic surgery even before he crossed 25 to strengthen his youthful charm among the fans. Over the years, the rockstar has been under the knife multiple times mostly because of a patron magazine.

Rick Springfield Plastic Surgery


First of all, the Aussie star seems to have taken to Botox treatment. In Botox you have the plastic surgeon injecting fillers in your skin to tighten & smoothen the skin texture. At 65 years of age, Springfield’s face looks unnaturally smooth without any hint of wrinkles or aging lines. But unfortunately his surgeon has actually gone overboard with the fillers and that overdose has produced a completely spoilt, too tight artificial look.

Then, the singer has also gone for a facelift surgery. It might be that Springfield desired a comprehensive treatment on the face which Botox can’t address as it looks after some specified areas only. Again this operation didn’t go as well, as the singer unnaturally frozen lately which speaks of an unsuccessful & unskilled facelift job.

Besides, it seems that the 80s rock sensation has gone for eyelid surgery too. Aging leads to unsightly drooping eyelids but if you look at Springfield you would be surprised to see no sign of drooping eyelids even at 65 years of age. Now, definitely, the tight eye area is not possible naturally when one is aging and hence it won’t be wrong to conclude that the rockstar has opted for eyelid operation. But again, it was another unsuccessful plastic operation for him – the skin around the eyes has been over-tightened rendering an unwanted wax-like expression-less looks on the singer’s face.

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