Robin Wright Penn Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Robin Wright Penn is blessed with fabulous looks but she is of the opinion that she works hard for her body and looks to keep it maintained. It is zumba that she does to keep her body fit. She also denies opting for surgical procedures rather she puts her pretty face forward and states that there is nothing wrong to correct any lines or any part on the face which does not seem to be in proper shape and which is out of place.

Has Robin Wright Penn Plastic Surgery?


According to her there is no harm in going in for surgical implants as it is necessary. She gives credit to herself and says that she goes in for Botox two times in a year as opposed to other celebrities who go in for Botox 10 times. She goes in for Botox for cleaning up the edges. It appears to her that going in for surgical procedures is just like brushing the face here and there.

It is thus very easy to trace her surgical procedures by looking at her before and after pictures. Her face is devoid of wrinkles and she looks completely natural with the right amount of Botox injected on her face as she opines. But other than Botox injections nothing else is evident on her face. She had perfect eyes, nose and lips which continue to exist even today.

As far as her slender figure is concerned it is exercise that she keeps on doing. The best part of her surgery is that she looks completely adorable with not a pinch of extra injections or fillers. Her plastic surgeons have done a great job on her face with optimum amount of Botox that does not take away from her ever so glowing face over time. She is looking superb with growing age.

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