Roma Downey Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Irish actress Roma Downey plastic surgery is yet another case of ant-ageing procedures performed to keep up a celebrities youthful look. For those of you who is wondering who she is – heard of the TV series Touched by an Angel?

54 year old Roma Downey is an Irish actress and Emmy nominated producer, who is best known for her role in the 90s American TV series Touched by an Angel. The kind-hearted role of angel Monica brought her two Emmy and Golden Globe nominations.

Has Roma Downey had plastic surgery?

The good news is that Roma unlike a few Hollywood actresses did not took the path of plastic surgery at a young age to confirm success in her career. If she did have any changes made to her appearance earlier, they are likely to be very minimal. But once she passed over the 50 year mark in age, signs of plastic surgery seem to have become inevitable. We are glad that Roma still manages to look fresh faced and glamorous without any ill-effects of cosmetic surgery.

roma downey before and after photo

Roma Downey before and after plastic surgery

So what did Roma Downey do to her face at the plastic surgeons clinic? Rumor has it that she had a total of five anti-ageing plastic surgery procedures including Botox, dermal filler injections and laser treatments to keep her skin smooth and facial features youthful. Her wrinkle free smooth forehead could be the result of a well executed facelift surgery. The sagging skin on the neck that comes with age, seems to have been taken care of with a necklift.

Despite the evident changes and freshness in her appearance, Roma has decided to keep mum on the subject of her plastic surgery speculations. We wonder why she has to hide her plastic surgery love. After all it seems to have worked well for Roma Downey.

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