Ryan Gosling Plastic Surgery Before and After Nose Job Photo

Ryan Gosling is probably the most admired actor in Hollywood. If you go by his fans, he is totally drool-worthy. His looks have been lusted after to such an extent where memes and posters have been made to represent his attractiveness. The Canadian actor is an influential heart rob among the young women across the world and Ryan Gosling plastic surgery rumors may be hard to believe for these fans. Sadly, it’s true – the handsome actor has had a nose job done in the past.

Has Ryan Gosling Had Plastic Surgery ?

It’s not like he had to get plastic surgery done to enhance his beauty. He was perfectly good looking for celebrity status. But we can’t deny that his attractiveness has increased in recent times. Could the nose job be one of the reasons for this?

ryan gosling before and after photo

Ryan Gosling before and after plastic surgery

32 year old Ryan is an actor, director, musician and writer, who began his career as a child actor in Disney’s Mickey Mouse Club. He is also well lnown for his roles in The Notebook and Half Nelson. His band is called Dead Man’s Bones and he also owns a Moroccan restaurant called Tagine in Beverly Hills, California.

Ryan is well known for his handsome looks apart from his acting talent. However, his nose was naturally large giving him a matured look beyond his age. Maybe that is the reason behind his decision to go under the knife to narrow down the bridge of his nose. After the plastic surgery his nose looks sharper and well balanced on his face. It has improved his attaractive looks and helped him build up his career as well.

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