Sandie Rinaldo Plastic Surgery Before And After Photos

Though plastic surgeries have been mostly confined to actresses and models yet these days getting cosmetic consultation is mostly like a norm for the overall celeb fraternity. Yes, you have politicians and media personnel too joining up the plastic bandwagon readily. Among the media personnel opting for plastic surgeons, Sandie Rinaldo is one of the most talked-about names. Yes, the CTV anchor is highly speculated to have taken to facelift and Botox injections.

It’s to note here that when a women touches 50, she is bound to develop wrinkles, sagging skin, lines and creases on her face. Now matter how much she is on diet or follows a healthy lifestyle or has been blessed with good genes, aging signs cannot be escaped much. Rinaldo is in her 60s now but you would be amazed to see her with almost no aging sign. Her face appears tight and firm, with no hint of sagging or unsightly creases. Such a transformation and tight look is definitely never possible for a woman who would be 64 this year. Thus, it won’t be wrong to assume that Sandie had a facelift which has rectified the sagging quotient of her facial skin. It seems that Sandie Rinaldo has taken to Botox injections as well which has straightened the facial creases.

Sandie Rinaldo Plastic Surgery Before And After Photos

Sandie Rinaldo Plastic Surgery

Rinaldo has kept tight-lipped about any hint of plastic work on her face. But her youthful countenance at such a senior age reveals everything. Now, Rinaldo’s rejuvenated appearance has led to mix reactions among her niche. Some of the spectators of CTV news have criticized her looks citing that her face looks abnormally tight and they feel that it’s time for her to back out from the television. Then, again some of the Rinaldo’s loyal fans feel that she has been managed to maintain her good looks even at this age.

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