Sandra Bullock Plastic Surgery Before And After Photos

On one hand there are plastic surgery junkies and then there is Sandra Bullock on another side. Back in the year 2012, she was even compared to Michael Jackson courtesy the number of surgeries she has opted for. Comparing her before and after pictures it is not difficult to detect that she has undergone numerous procedures to have completely changed her looks. It seems that Miss Congeniality has preferred to go under the knife to get multiple doses of botox, facelifts and rhinoplasty.

Has Sandra Bullock Had Cosmetic Surgery?

Sandra Bullock Plastic Surgery 2014

If you have seen “The Heat” then you must have noticed Sandra’s nose. Well, yes it look different and we believe Sandra Bullock had a nose job.

Born in 1964, the actress is almost touching her forties, but given her new pictures her face looks a little too smooth for someone who is going to turn 40. This obviously is the outcome of multiple botox injections. Seems like she has taken it a tad too far, since her wrinkles don’t even show up when she smiles. Her nose is also looking drastically different post the rhinoplasty. Her nose was much wider before, however recently her nose looks much smaller and sharper with a tiny tip. Luckily she hasn’t taken it too far and completely altered her signature nose, what she is famous for. Insiders have revealed that Bullock has been taking regular injections of facial fillers to keep her face nice and smooth.

Besides being absolutely wrinkle free, her face appears to be a lot fuller than before, especially her cheeks, going by her before and after pictures. Plastic surgeons have confirmed that she has taken multiple doses of facial fillers to give her this fuller appearance.

The question arises as to why she preferred to go under the blade. Was it because of the pressure of career or because she lost Ryan Reynolds. Whatever the case it, the actress has preferred to keep the details of the surgery right under cover and doesn’t like talking about her procedures.

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