Sara Gilbert Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Sara Gilbert is a name that everyone has seen at one time or another. She is a world famous actress who has stared in many different films and TV shows. Her most noteable appearance was that of the middle child on the popular show Roseanne. It might seem hard to believe but the little girl in that show is now 39 years old.  While she is still in the middle of a lenghy career one thing is very evident, Sara Gilber plastic surgery rumors are true.

The star never came out and said whether she decided to get plastic surgery or not. The thing is, if you look at her before and after photos it is obvious that there is something that she did to completely change her face, and not always for the better. There are two obvious surgeries that did not go so well for the actress, when you see the pictures you will understand why.

Sara Gilbert Plastic Surgery before and after photos

Sara Gilbert Plastic Surgery

The first surgery that comes to mind is a nose job. Look at the before picture and notice how her nose had depth, it almost looks like her nose is facing down. In her recent pictures her nose is obviouslly much smaller and upturned, an obvious sign of a nose job. While it is understandable to have at least one surgery go bad, there is a second clear one.

She appears to have also received a bad chin job. You can see in her before pictures that her chin had definition, as in you could tell it was there. The after pictures show a hollow shell of where her chin once sat, everything kind of blends together. While it might not be great news for someone who is considering plastic surgery, that is a risk you have to take. Hopefully she will be careful in her later years on what kind of surgeries she gets and who does them.

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