Sarah Paulson Lip Job Before and After Photos

Sarah Paulson tends to be hailed as one of the most attractive 40 year olds on TV today. She has made a name for herself working in TV shows such as Deadwood and American Gothic, however her big break was with the FX show American Horror Story. She stars in the show with other big name actors and actresses such as Evan Peters, Jessica Lange, and Kathy Bates.  Take a moment to wrap your mind around the fact that she is 10 years away from being 50, pretty hard to believe, right? Well when you closely examine some of her photos throughout the years one trend is very obvious, Sarah Paulson lip job accusations seem to be extraordinarily accurate.  While the fact that she had plastic surgery does not take anything away from the amazing actresses, it should be noted that it appears to have happened at one point or another.

Sarah Paulson Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Sarah Paulson Lip Job before and after photos

Sarah Paulson Lip Job

You might be curious about what kind of cosmetic work Paulson had done to her face throughout the years, and the answer is more obvious than you might like to believe. As a reference, take a gander at these before and after photos so that you can see for yourself. The first thing that really sticks out is her lip job. Regardless of what kind of lipstick she wears it is very obvious that her lips have changed sizes between the two photos. The chances are good that Paulson had some kind of lip job or filler injections to give her lips more volume. You can clearly see how much more lush they appear now as opposed to before.

Plastic surgery is a great option when people decide they want to slightly change certain parts of their bodies, like their lips. The procedures are usually fairly simple and can make a big difference physically, and emotionally, when you consider the confidence boost people get from looking better. So it is obvious that Sarah Paulson lip job photos show a change in the way her lips are shaped, but it doesn’t take anything away from her beauty, if anything it adds to it.