Sasa Curcic Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Sasa Curcic is a European soccer player who has dominated the game in his lengthy career. He has managed to play for well over five teams in total, and he has always been known for his eccentricity. He often says and does things that a lot of people would find strange, but his interviews are hilarious. You would never guess it, but Sasa Curcic is 43 years old. Even though soccer has been known to put serious wear and tear on the human body, he has persevered. Many people question how he looks so young despite his age. The obvious answer seems to be cosmetic surgery. Many people get plastic surgery to enhance their looks, and this only goes to show that you do not have to be in Hollywood to get work done on your face.

Sasa Curcic plastic surgery before and after photos

Sasa Curcic plastic surgery

If you look carefully in the before and after photos you will notice that he had a nose job. You can see the difference between the two photos. His nose now looks much narrower and tighter than it did just a year ago. A nose job is a very common procedure where a cosmetic surgeon will go in and shape the nose to the liking of the person who is getting the surgery.

The other surgery that goes hand in hand with a nose surgery is Botox shots. Once someone gets a surgery on a part of their face they have to fix the other areas so that the face looks natural. The odds are Sasa Curcic had Botox shots so that his face still looked youthful, and he did a great job. Plastic surgery is not a new thing but it is growing in popularity. It is going to be interesting to see how he looks a couple of years from now when he reaches 50.