Sean Connery Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Sean Connery is a world famous actor who has made a huge impact on the film industry over the course of his career. He has worked on plenty of movies spanning across many different genres, so you never know what kind of movie he is going to come out with next. One of the other things he is known for is his dashing good looks. You can tell that he has good genetics and works very hard to keep himself looking good. There are many people out there who suggest that the reason he looks so good is due to him getting plastic surgery to help keep his good looks going well past his fiftieth birthday

Shaun Connery plastic surgery before and after photos

Shaun Connery plastic surgery

When you look at his before and after photos you might be wondering what kind of surgery he had throughout the years. There are two in particular that stick out and are easily noticeable. The first surgery that you can see is his neck lift to help keep his face looking tight. When you start to age the skin around your neck begins to sag and become loose giving you an older appearance. Many people, such as Sean Connery get a neck lift to help keep themselves looking younger well past their prime.

The other surgery that sticks out when you look at his photos is his chin job. There are a couple of reasons that he could have possibly gone this route when it comes down to it. The first reason would be because he generally wanted to change the way his chin looks, which is understandable especially when you are on the air as much as Sean Connery. The other reason he may have went with this procedure is due to the fact that work on your chin always looks better when you get work done on your neck, they end up complimenting each other. If you are considering getting plastic surgery you should always do so responsibly.

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