Seth Macfarlane Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Seth Macfarlane has become one of TV’s most recognizeable figures over the course of the past 10 years. His most popular show to date is the show Family Guy, which has viewers hooked around the world. His success is growing at a rapid rate. Oddly enough, as he becomes more popular it seems like his face is changing more and more. The only reasonable explanation for why he would suddenly change the way he looks would be if he was getting plastic surgery. There are plenty of rumors out there that Seth had multiple cosmetic surgeries in his career, and his before and after photos say a lot.

Seth Macfarlane plastic surgery before and after photos

Seth Macfarlane plastic surgery

When you first glance at these photos the first thing that sticks out in terms of cosmetic surgery is his chin. He likely had a chin job so that he could work toward the face that he has always wanted to see in the mirror. The way a chin job works is a surgeon goes in and can add and take away pieces of the chin in order to make it smaller or more symmetrical. You can see how it has changed over the years and the likely culprit seems to be a good plastic surgeon.

Besides the work that Seth Macfarlane had on his chin, it would also seem that his cheeks received a good bit of work too in the form of a facelift. You can look at his face and see where it is solid, almost plastic like. The reason this appearance happens is because the cheeks get a filler inside them that is meant to keep wrinkles at bay. If you use too much it can cause your face to swell up and give you plastic like appearance. One thing is for sure, Seth still has a long road left on Hollywood, and he is not leaving any time soon.

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