Sharifah Aini Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Sharifah Aini is a famous singer in Malaysia. She is known as one of the most beautiful women in the world. It seems that this may be coming to an end because she is taking her plastic surgery too far. If you take a look at her before and after pictures, she does not even look like the same person anymore.

The most noticeable procedure is her excessive Botox injections. They are designed to be used sparingly to keep the fine lines, and wrinkles gone from your face. People have been using Botox injections for years to keep their beauty strong for years to come. The problem is when it becomes an obsessive thing the results can be devastating.

Sharifah Aini plastic surgery before and after

Sharifah Aini plastic surgery

If you take a look at her face now, she has puffiness all throughout her eyes, lips, and chin areas. It looks like she may have opted for new injections when the ones she had previously never wore off. The result is a face that does not look natural, and certainly does not look attractive.

Besides the injections, it looks like she had a lip job. Carefully look at her before and after photos. She looks like her lips are going to explode. This is the result of simply getting too many surgeries. Another reason a lip job seems like a likely choice for Sharifah Aini is the fact that she does not have any laugh or frown lines. Her face, especially around her mouth, looks flat and plastic.

While it is not a bad idea to get plastic surgery, you should be cautious. Make sure the surgery is done by a professional doctor, and do not over do them. If you do, you might find that before long your face may take on the plastic like face of Sharifah Aini.

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