Song Hye Kyo Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Song Hye Kyo is definitely one of the most stunning Korean actresses of all time in the last decade, however, the question here is that, is her beauty all natural or has been tweaked artificially. Now, plastic surgery is one phenomenon, quite popular in Korea, and there is only a handful of celebs left who haven’t gone under the knife to tweak their features.

Has Song Hye Kyo Had Plastic Surgery?

Song Hye Kyo Plastic Surgery

The Korean actress was born in 1982 and is one of the most sought after actress in Korea for product endorsement. Even since Song Hye Kyo has become the brand new face, substituting Jun Ju-Hyun for Laneige, all eyes shot towards her bringing her into public about the authenticity of her features.

The first significant change in her appearance going by her before and after pictures is her teeth. She definitely has done some straightening treatment to make her smile better. Her old pictures showcase crooked teeth which look way straighter right now giving her a perfect pearly smile. Next, her eyes also have been done, since they have opened up substantially. Her critics are of the opinion that she has definitely undergone an eyelid surgery which gave her eyes the big die eyes look. Going by her before and after pictures she absolutely doesn’t have the signature Asian eyes.

She is also alleged to have gone under the blade to get a rhinoplasty done, since her nose is a lot pronounced compared to her old pictures. Fat has also been injected in her cheeks since they look a lot plumper than her previous appearances. The actress hasn’t been quite vocal about the surgeries, however hasn’t denied them ever as well. Speculations will be speculation until and unless sources confirm them, however her recent appearance is enough to validate the speculations.

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