Sridevi Plastic Surgery Before And After Photos

With Bollywood not falling back on the glitz and glamour of Hollywood, seems like the industry is catching up on its different trends, plastic surgery being one of them. Sridevi is one such actress rumored to have gone under the blade to tweak her features a tad too much. This Bollywood diva is now in her fifties and has made a bang on comeback to the industry. With her recent comeback, the industry has gone bonkers with the rumors of her going under the blade.

Sridevi Before and After Plastic Surgery Pictures

sridevi plastic surgery nose job

There are quite a number of surgeries which the actress has gone under, and a rhinoplasty tops the list. If a careful look is given to her recent appearance, her nose looks a lot more tapered  on the sides while the tip of her nose has become a tad too slim than before. Her old pictures showcase a blunt button nose, nowhere close to what she is sporting of late. Courtesy her rhinoplasty surgery, her entire appearance has changed a tad too drastically especially her face. Although the actress has gone on to say that she hasn’t been under the knife, however, her nose literally shouts out for itself. Before the nose surgery, the classical Indian beauty looked more than fine, and the surgery has given her a completely artificial appeal.

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Seems like Sridevi hasn’t gone for a good surgeon for the job, which has resulted to this unwanted outcome. Botox injections is on the list as well, and for that matter multiple doses, going by her taut and perfect skin at 50.

As compared to her old pictures, Sridevi has substantially slimmed down as well, which might be the outcome of liposuction or tummy tuck. The actress was gorgeous to begin with, however these procedures have completely done away with her natural good looks.

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