Steve Martin Plastic Surgery Before and After Showing Facelift & Botox

Hollywood loves plastic surgery – Young and old stars alike.  Pink Panther star and ace comedian, Steve Martin has also joined the celebrity plastic surgery club. It is easy to detect plastic surgery among the elder star. Usually the smooth wrinkle free youthful skin becomes the perfect give-away. This is exactly what happened in Steve Martin’s case too.

 Has Steve Martin Had a Facelift ?

steve martin before and after

Steve Martin Before and after plastic surgery

Steve Martin, the 68 year old American actor, comedian, musician, author, screenwriter and film producer is rumored to be sporting a face much too younger for his age. The star has denied the rumors and says that no one has to be ashamed of getting older. But the speculations still remain. There are no solid facts to prove them yet. However, internet gossip sites have been buzzing with possible Botox or filler injections. A facelift or necklift surgery is also being suggested. A group of celebrity watchers are of the view that the changes on Steve’s face might just be make-up or lighting and not a proof for plastic surgery involvement a all.

We are not sure about Steve Martin’s case. It is a 50 -50 chance , going by the information available on the internet. And since the celebrity himself is being confident about rubbishing the rumors, we have to slightly agree with him too. Probably  it just his healthy lifestyle and eating habits that is helping Steve age gracefully. Not all celebrities need artificial beauty enhancements to stay attractive. Steve Martin might be one of those rare stars, who has been blessed with the right mix of genes for a celebrated actor and public personality.

So, do you think Steve martin had plastic surgery ?

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