Uee Plastic Surgery Before and After Pic Showing Eyelid Surgery

Most Koreans have narrow eyes and it is very common in South Korea to go under the knife for a double eyelid surgery. This is precisely why Uee’s name has appeared on our list of celebrity plastic surgeries. Uee seems to have undergone plastic surgery to get those large beautiful eyes that make her look […]

Al Pacino Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture

Between Godfather 3 and now, Al Pacino has played similar characters throughout his career and slowly transformed from an Italian mafia head to almost a plastic surgery disaster. Looks like age made him ‘an offer he couldn’t refuse.’ In  an attempt to gain back his youthful charm, Al Pacino seems to have had tried quite […]

Adrianne Curry Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo Showing Boob and Nose Job

There are very few celebrities in the world who show the guts to come out clean with plastic surgery confessions – Adrianne Curry is one gutsy (and honest) celebrity among them. The American model has had some breast implant and Rhinoplasty procedures done ever since won America’s Next Top Model show on reality TV. And […]

Soo-young Plastic Surgery Before and After Pic

Think of celebrity plastic surgery and you can’t miss Korean stars on your list. Think Korean Girl bands and you cannot do without SNSD. According to popular media, every SNSD star has had plastic surgery – not a surprise! So, it’s only natural that Soo-Young, one of the most popular among them, should have gone […]