Han Hyo Joo Plastic Surgery Before and After Pics

South Korea is well-known for being a plastic surgery hub. Korean celebrities are well-above the league of Hollywood stars when it comes to plastic surgery – especially because they get it right almost always. With most of the Korean stars admitting to have gone under the knife, the question was put too Han Hyo Joo […]

Leah Miller Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo Showing Botox, Facelift

It’s obvious that Leah Miller has had some major plastic surgery addiction going on – easy there Leah, you don’t want to be the next Catwoman, do you? The main culprits are a facelift and possible breast implants. Leah’s fans are of the opinion that there are some ‘very’ visible changes in Leah’s recent public […]

Koena Mitra Plastic Surgery Disaster Before and After Photo

Koena Mitra may not be among the best Bollywood actresses, but she sure has attracted enough attention with her plastic surgery disasters. Plastic surgery is pretty obvious on this once pretty face. Why did she decided to ruin her natural looks, is something we cannot understand! Koena Mitra Plastic Surgery Disaster Showing Failed Nose Job… All […]

Ali Lohan Plastic Surgery Before and After Pic

Big Sister Lindsay has had fair share of controversy already and looks like it is little sister Ali Lohan’s turn now. The 20 year old model, singer-songwriter and actress,  Aliana Lohan came under the celebrity plastic surgery spotlight at a very young age of 17!. She was quick to rubbish the claims, but the changes […]