Emma Watson Plastic surgery Before and After Showing Nose Job

No! She didn’t! – Harry Potter fans; we hear you and agree with you. Much has been talked about Emma Watson going to the plastic surgeon for a new and improved nose. We think it’s all made up. Take a look at Emma’s before and after shots; You will think so too. Did Emma Watson […]

Katy Perry Plastic Surgery Before and after Picture Showing Boob Job

It is almost impossible to believe that Katy Perry has had plastic surgery. But then if she has had some work done on her breasts, she should probably dedicate a song to her plastic surgeon. From a casual glance, everything looks natural. But then celebrities have a lot to lie about. We hope everything is […]

Julie Benz Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo Showing Botox,Breast Augmentation

Here’s something different – Julie Benz has been spotted wearing hair extensions. Don’t know whether that qualifies as plastic surgery, but she’s got more on her list to be feature on the celebrity plastic surgery list. American actress Julie Benz is 41 years old and is popular for her performances in Buffy The Vampire Slayer, […]

Kyra Sedgwick Plastic Surgery Before and After Pic Showing Facelift, Botox

Plastic surgery rumors have now become a commonplace thing for Kyra Sedgwick. And why not? With those looks at this age, any celebrity faces such criticisms. It’s all for the greater cause – to stay strong in tinsel-town! Did Kyra Minturn Sedgwick Have Plastic Surgery ? Kyra Minturn Sedgwick is an American actress best known for […]