Angelina Jolie Breast Implants Before And After Photos

Angelina Jolie hit the headlines last year as she decided to take up a radical dual mastectomy to minimize the chances of cancer- that had been a genetic bane for her. The mastectomy operation reduced a significant part of her bust and the star thus went for a breast implant to restore the natural look […]

Top 8 Bollywood Actors Who Had Plastic Surgery

This is not something that you hear a lot. Of course, Hollywood and South Korean actors are known to have undergone plastic surgery. But Bollywood heroes? No way! – You say? Wrong! Most actors from Bollywood have to thank plastic surgery for their macho good looks. Well, none of them has had drastic transformations like […]

Raquel Welch Plastic Surgery Before and After

73 going on 37 – that’s what you’ll say when you see 60’s raging sex symbol, Raquel Welch. Although, she has repeatedly said that she hasn’t used any plastic surgery, it’s hard to ignore such fresh face on a woman who is barely 30 years short of having lived for a century. Raquel Welch is […]

Portia de Rossi Plastic Surgery Before and After

A little less than a year also, Ellen DeGeneres’s gorgeous wife, Portia de Rossi kicked up plastic surgery rumors after fans and experts noticed her new face on her popular sitcom Arrested Development. As the debate got hot, the actress herself came out to clarify things and said that she is not trying to chase […]