Catherine Bell Plastic Surgery Before and After

You may have noticed her holding a “prestigious” position on our ‘Top worst celebrity nose jobs’ list. But that’s not all that bell is guilty of – the 40 plus actress had to have visited the plastic surgeon more than once to look like a youthful 20 something old. Has Catherine Bell had a nose […]

Jane Fonda Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo Showing Breast Implant and Facelift

76 year old Oscar winning American actress, Jane Fonda is not someone who has been successful in hiding her plastic surgery addiction. She has openly talked about the procedures that she had undergone and also recently expressed her regret over them. She is quoted talking about plastic surgery in an interview as; “I swore in […]

Meryl Streep Plastic Surgery Before and After Facelifts and Botox

Merly Streep is 64 and flaunts a flawless face – no sagging, no wrinkles! Do we need to specifically say Plastic surgery now? Though nothing has gone wrong so far (not that we want to either), it is an obvious fact that plastic surgery has helped Meryl keep up with her eternal charm. Has Meryl […]

Melissa Gilbert Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo Showing Breast Augmentation, Lip Filler and Cheek Filler

American actress and television director, Melissa Gilbert has kept the media interested for a long time with plastic surgery speculations. He fresh faced wrinkle free look at the age of 46 is the clear giveaway. It’s all there for you to see from her Before and after photos. Gilbert began her silver screen career as […]