Robert Redford Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo

Robert Redford is 77 years old, but looks every bit like a 50 something year old. Does this point out that Mr. Redford had undergone plastic surgery? Of course he has aged, but not as much as his 70 years – there isn’t just enough sagging skin and wrinkles those other old men proudly carry around. […]

Olivia Newton John Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Olivia Newton John, the 64 year old English-born Australian singer is rumored to have pumped up her face with a little help form plastic surgery. The speculations were sparked off by her unnaturally clear face that seemed a little too young for a 60 plus woman. Possible use of fillers and Botox treatments seem to have […]

Kim Kardashian Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo

The Kardashians are no strangers to controversy and it is only quite normal that they are dragged into plastic surgery rumors. Kim Kardashian has been wowing the whole world with her body for quite some time now. It is only natural to speculate her decision to go under the knife to keep that beauty intact. […]