Lana Del Rey Plastic Surgery Before and After

What could a young 27 year old Lana Del Rey do with plastic surgery anyway? No much – just gave her lips a boost, so that look full and sexy when she sings. And, of course, Lana denies all the rumours. But the before and after pix say a different story, altogether. Elizabeth Woolridge Grant […]

Melanie Griffith Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

It has been long-rumored that Working Girl star, Melanie Griffith is a frequent visitor to the plastic surgeons clinic. The 56 year old American actress, well-known for her roles in movies like Body Double, Something Wild and Crazy in Albama, has ironically appeared in Nip/Tuck too – a television series about good (and bad) plastic […]

Keira Knightley Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo

Pirates of the Caribbean star Keira Knightly is now believed to have undergone plastic surgery. Rumors point towards a nose job and lip augmentation majorly. How true do you think are these claims? All we can say is that the recent rumors are based on Keira’s before and after photos. Let’s take a look at […]

Donatella Versace Plastic Surgery Before and After Ugly Photo

Designer Donatella Versace is a fine example of plastic surgery gone horribly wrong. Every experiment Donna had with cosmetic surgery procedures seems to have backfired and made here look more ugly. She had ended up one of the worst victims of artificial beauty enhancement. What went wrong? – could have been the surgeon or it […]