Kat DeLuna Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo Showing Liposuction

Kat DeLuna is 26 and what plastic surgery could have she possibly gone under the knife for. It is certainly not a Botox or facelift, as is the trend with America’s favorite celebrities. But the Dominican-American pop singer had liposuction and has a (bad) abdomen to show for it. Kathleen Emperatriz “Kat” DeLuna shot to fame with […]

Snooki Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo Showing Breast Augmentation

Being one of the highest paid American reality stars isn’t easy – You’ve got to look like you are worth it. That’s probably why 26 year old Nicole Elizabeth “Snooki” Polizzi had plastic surgery and doesn’t want the world to know. But sadly (or not), we know already! The reality TV star is best known […]

Kate Middleton Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos, Pics – Nose Job, Botox

We know her as the ultra-fashionable Duchess of Cambridge, but did you know her good looks are gifts from a talented plastic surgeon? Yes, you heard it right the pretty queen-in-waiting has had a little affair with plastic surgery too. Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge aka Kate Middleton ascended to royalist when she married Prince William, […]

Britney Spears Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos, Pics – Nose Surgery

We all know the controversies that surround Britney Spears – not to add fuel to the fire, but it’s no secret that Britney has had plastic surgery – especially, when the star herself had admitted to it several times. Britney has been surrounded by numerous rumors throughout the different phases of her troubled career – […]