Kathy Bates Neck Lift Before and After Photos

If you are a fan of the macabre you likely know who Kathy Bates is in the movie world. She is well known as her role as the diabolic Anne Wilkes in the movie adaptation of Stephen King’s Misery. One of her most famous roles however is in the hit TV show American Horror Story. […]

Rene Higuta Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Rene Higuta is a retired Columbian football player. He has a long career full of many interesting moves. He is a goaltender, but he often took the risk to leave the net to get the ball and even dribble. He is known for his hard kicks and lightning fast reflexes.  One of his other trademarks […]

Victoria Beckham Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Victoria Beckham is the wife of David Beckham, but this United Kingdom born woman is known for much more than that. She is a singer, entreprenuer, and model who is still very much active in the world she lives in and is known by many people. Her fans that have been following her since the […]

Lark Voorhies Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Lark Voorhies is a famous American actress who got her big break during the hit classic Saved By the Bell. After that show she went on to act in many other movies and TV shows that helped her gained popularity as she went into adulthood. Now she is 41 years old, but you would never […]