Aubrey O Day Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Aubrey O Day is a famous singer and songwriter who is known for her bubbly personality and amazing figure. Aubrey has admitted that her body isn’t completely hers, meaning she has had some plastic surgery in the past to enhance her looks. Even with her surgeries it does not take anything away from her as […]

Michael Moore Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Michael Moore is a famous director who has done many movies in his career. Besides changing the way people think he also managed to change a lot about himself. He used to be overweight and unhealthy, he changed that in just a few short years. If you take the time to look at the before […]

Kelly Osbourne Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

If you are a fan of heavy music you likely know who Ozzy Osbourne is, and you also probably know his daughter Kelly Osbourne. She was a hit in the reality show staring the family. It looks like a lot has changed since that time, and for the better. Kelly is looking sexier than ever. […]

Carlos Mencia Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Carlos Mencia is a stand-up comedian who is famous for his hit TV show on Comedy Central. He is also well known for his fast vulgar humor and even stealing jokes from other comedians. There has always been a lot of controversy over him no matter what he was doing. As of lately he is […]