Taylor Swift Boob Job Before And After Photos

It is common how small town girls get involved with Hollywood’s beauty standards after becoming famous. Taylor Swift one of the very famous singers too seemed to have come into notice at the People’s Choice Awards. The singer’s curves which weren’t there long back spark surgery talk. And it was not because of her white Ralph Lauren gown with a deep neckline but it showed more than just a little skin. A suspicious mark was clearly visible under her breast that made things more evident that the star had undergone “Boob Job”.

Has Taylor Swift had Boob Job?

Taylor swift boob job photo

Many surgeons have different opinion on Taylor Swift having had a boob job done. They all vary in their take though some see the scar as one right after augmentation some based on the shape and location deny it to be a scar from surgery.

Taylor’s boobs in the recent past have got a noticeable lift. There’s simply no way that you can get that lift without boob implantation or cosmetic surgery. No padded bras can give you that lift and enhancement. There are sources that believe that Taylor Swift wants to keep it a secret and not do any talking about it. She wants to avoid all the questions that would arise and the unwanted media attention.

Plastic surgeons who haven’t treated her say that she has increased her size from a size A to a B or C. It is saddening to know that everyone is staring at your breasts suspecting you to have undergone an implantation. After having been noticed being bustier than she actually is she was soon seen with a chest that was mysteriously back to its old size. However, she has still been spotted with fuller bosom and with all that some are saying surgery “scars”.

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